Linux for Writers: Best Distro in 2021

Are you a writer? Have you ever used Linux operating system in your field? If your answer is no, then this article is for you. in this article, we shall discuss why you should start using the Linux operating system. We shall look at its upsides and why the operating system has been under the radar for quite some time. We shall also look at the best Linux apps for writers and the best Linux distro for writers. Are you wondering what a distro is? Worry not, for we shall go over that topic too. Hence there is a lot to learn. Follow along as we unravel this mysterious operating system.

Linux in a nutshell

Linux has been around for a while. It actually comes third on the pillars of PC operating systems. But not so many people know about this fantastic operating system. And most people who know about it do not know how to use it. However, this operating system is pretty efficient in that:

  1. It is cheap
  2. Stable
  3. Pretty secure

It is a pretty great OS, especially in the 21st century, whereby cyber-crime keeps on growing each day. So if you want to get a taste of this fantastic operating system, here is your chance.

Why Linux?

Linux has a lot of advantages compared to other operating systems. Here are some of them:

  1. It is free
  2. More secure compared to mac OS and Windows
  3. Fast, lightweight, and pretty reliable
  4. So many free software that you can use as alternatives
  5. Highly customizable

However, the operating system also has some downsides, which include:

  1. It does not have cross-platform capabilities
  2. Require in-depth knowledge to use it efficiently
  3. It might seem unfamiliar the first time you use it

However, for writers, the advantages are more than the disadvantages. I mean, all you require is a web browser, e-mail, note-taking apps, secure system, and that it. Linux software for writers is available online and caters to all these needs.

What is a Distro?

What exactly does distro mean? Distro, simply put, is a variation of the Linux operating system. The variation is made to fit into a particular role. The variants, as their name implies, vary from pretty lightweight to amazing fileservers. It is all up to your liking and the purpose of your operating system. That is one aspect that makes this operating system pretty impressive.

How to get started in Linux

To begin your Linux journey, you will require to choose a distro. Here are some pretty beginner-friendly variants of the Linux OS that you can make use of.

Zorin OS core

The Zorin OS has been made to cater to those people who are migrating from the Windows OS. It functions almost the same as the Windows OS. It comes in different variations, paid and unpaid.

Elementary OS

If you are migrating from the mac operating system, then this is the distro for you. The elementary OS has been built to match the functionalities of a Mac Operating system. Hence anyone migrating from the Mac OS has a pretty easy time using this distro.


The Ubuntu distro is pretty widely used. Hence for purposes of getting assistance from the Linux community, this would be the best distro to use. The variation also has a lot of software that you can use to improve your Linux experience.

Linux applications

Every distro has an app management center whereby you can download any software you require. You can later uninstall them if you are not using them. In this “app management center,” you can install apps such as:

  1. Browsers
  2. Open-source app substitutes for apps not available


The Linux operating system is one of a kind. With all the features it bears, migrating to it would be a big win for you.

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