Open-Source Techniques to Attain a Tech Writing Job

Are you looking for a job as a tech writer for an organization? Would you like to learn about the up and running open source techniques? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall look at open source tech writing in-depth. The content that we will cover will give you an upper hand when it comes to this area. It is a new age of tech writing, and you do not want to be left behind.

Technical writing is advancing with the boost in open-source operating systems. However, the advancements mean that you must be in the know to gain enough intelligence to acquire a job in this field. But worry not, the tips that we shall provide in this article will help you achieve a job and keep it. Hence follow along as we look at how to get a tech writing job.

Reader’s feedback loop

Who comes to mind when you think about technical writing jobs? It should be the consumer. I mean, the whole documentation issue is to help the consumer learn more about the product that the company is offering. Hence this should be your principle in technical writing; always have the consumer in mind.

The Open source system provides you with links to gain almost immediate responses from the consumer. It would help if you used this to boost your interaction with the consumer. Get to learn what they want and apply it in your next article. Improve your current article regarding the concerns of the consumer. Within no time, your stats will be off the charts.

Hence the critical point to consider is that you require to review your article’s feedback. Only by doing so will you get insight into your improvements, downsides, and strong points.

Living document

The internet can be a friend and a foe. It can help you boost your stats and skills by reading other people’s articles. But also remember that other people will be reading the articles that you publish. And the critical point to note is that the writing you publish today might be read by another person years from now. As they always say, “the internet does not forget,” it also does not delete.

Once you publish an article on the open-source platform to gain feedback and get negative feedback, try to improve; otherwise, the article will haunt you for years to come. Review each paper you publish after sometimes to take care of errors.

Also, you should note that when you apply for a technical writing job, your employer will review your profile. That means that they will dig up all the past papers, and trust me, those with negative comments will stand out.

Avoid active voice

Technical writing today is way different from tech writing a couple of years back. Back then, using an active voice might have been overlooked but not anymore. Most readers view an active voice as rudely writing. Hence it would help if you avoided it at all costs. Try to put in a personal voice, even when providing a guide. Your reader can follow along pretty well while not feeling like they are being pushed to do stuff.


The open-source techniques provided in this article are pretty effective. If you apply them effectively, you will undoubtedly attain a technical writing job within no time. The tips also help sell a companies’ product to consumers. Hence if you apply them in your career, then you will be gaining a promotion pretty soon. That is what effective technical writing is all about.

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